Hospital Design & Engineering

Hospital Design
Medeq provides affordable design for your new hospital’s:

  • Safety
  • Inpatient rooms and units
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Spiritual health and community
  • Light and lighting system
  • Smart access to outdoor spaces
  • Technology throughout the building
  • Lobby and public areas
  • Landscape and local heritage
  • Clear and patient readable signs
  • Sustainability

The hospital we design will create environments that inspire and instill hope, and enhance treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. This is consistent with the understanding that for the most part, the patients of the hospital will be discharged to community-based or home settings. If the hospital we design is an academically affiliated organization, we will make education and clinical research to be integrated with patient care wherever possible and appropriate; there will also be centralized dedicated facilities that will support changing research projects. While patient care areas may be tailored to the needs of the specific population they serve, long-term flexibility for reassignment to different populations will be possible with minimum disruption and cost. Hospitals will be designed to connect with nature and the outdoors using natural light throughout the building; main floor patient care units will have access to grade level outdoor courtyards and activity areas, while individuals on upper levels will be able to use rooftop terraces to go outside. To enhance workplace wellness, sustain an aging workforce and support employee retention, new hospitals will include space suitable for staff activities, such as exercise classes and organizational celebrations. New hospital will be designed to be environmentally responsible, meeting a minimum international certification.