Medical Supply & Logistics

Hospital logistics
Medeq Hospital Logistics Services:

  • Off-site consolidation
  • Managed inventory services
  • Invoicing Freight payment
  • Claims management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Replenishment of goods
  • Product manufacture
  • Inbound transport
  • Receipt of goods
  • Order preparation
  • Hospital delivery
  • Getting the correct items to the wards.
  • Getting user feedback.

Any improvements that help clinical staff to be more effective, or reduce waste within the hospital supply chain, must be considered as key objectives within the healthcare sector. Having Medeq manage your hospital logistics supply chain will help you deliver both aims. Our services range from off-site consolidation to on-site services and full managed inventory services. Because we can help clinical staff spend less time on materials management, an improved focus on patient care is possible. We can also redesign hospital storage areas to improve stock availability and consolidation of inbound deliveries will improve both hospital security and traffic flow. Medeq’s passion for solution design means we work closely with your key hospital stakeholders, to understand their ambitions, as well as the constraints within which they must work. Only after this consultation period do we propose a range of services that can be implemented to best meet the interests of the hospital.